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This trip is no longer available.

Dann Spader invites you to join him on a study tour to Israel Feb 20-March 2, 2024.

Israel has been called the Fifth Gospel because God came to earth in one particular place…the land we call Israel. The events of the Incarnation have impacted history for the last 2000 years, and where God was humanly revealed remain available for us to visit today.

Walking the soil of the Holy Land and visiting the events from the life of Christ will give you greater understanding and clarity about the Good News of the four Gospels.

Our study tour will focus on Christ’s life and ministry. We will spend our first night on the Mediterranean Sea and then travel to Nazareth learning about His early years. We’ll spend three nights on the Sea of Galilee discovering Jesus’ ministry priorities. We will visit the wilderness to understand His ministry launch. Jerusalem will be home for five nights as we trace the sites associated with the teaching and passion of Christ. Along the way we’ll visit other famous sites like Bethlehem, Masada, the Temple Mount, the Dead Sea and Jericho.

At each location we will have a licensed guide give us the information we need to understand the biblical and historical setting of the sites. Dann will teach about the life of Christ and what we can learn about His methods of disciple making. Imagine standing in the places you’ve studied in the Bible and focusing on the life of Christ! We guarantee you will never read the Bible in the same way again.

Locations we will see

Our 11-day itinerary includes the following sites, although not always in the order listed below. As always, itinerary adjustments will be made on site to accommodate entry hours, crowds and security.

Day 1. Arrive (Hotel on Mediterranean Sea)

Day 2   (Hotel on Sea of Galilee)
Caesarea Maritime
Mount Carmel
Visit to Orthodox Jewish Community
Nazareth Village
Nazareth Precipice

Day 3  (Hotel on Sea of Galilee)
Mount Arbel
Sea of Galilee… Jesus boat ride
Mount of Beatitudes

Day 4  (Hotel on Sea of Galilee)
Kursi (demoniac)
Caesarea Philippi
Church of Primacy

Day 5  (Hotel on the Dead Sea)
Jericho Baptismal Site
En Gedi
Dead Sea swim

Day 6   (Hotel in Jerusalem Old City)
Mount of Olives
Model of Jerusalem (Israel Museum)

Day 7  (Hotel in Jerusalem)
Wadi Quelt walk
Shepherds Field and the Herodian
Azekiah (David and Goliath)

Day 8  (Hotel in Jerusalem)
Temple Mount
Pool of Bethesda
Western Wall
Jewish Quarter
City of David and Hezekiah’s tunnel
Holocaust Museum
Western Wall Tunnels

Day 9  (Hotel in Jerusalem)
Mount of Olives
Dominus Flevit
Garden of Gethsemane
Church of all Nations
Southern Steps
Caiaphas’ House

Day 10 (overnight in Jerusalem Old City)
Garden Tomb
Holy Sepulcher
Half day free in Jerusalem

Day 11 Fly home…

Approximate Costs

The land portion of the tour costs around $3150 for double occupancy. Single occupancy rates will be an additional $1100. Costs will include: 10 nights’ lodging at key locations, deluxe bus transportation, daily breakfast and dinner, all entrance fees, the services of a professional guide and driver, and all tips for drivers, guide, and hotel staff. Not included: airfare (about $1200 – $1900 economy or $4500 business class), lunches, and personal expenses. Each person will purchase their own airfare… allowing a variety of options. We will give very specific directions on booking your flights.

Safety in Israel

We are aware that news coverage frequently portrays Israel as a dangerous place to visit. In our experience, such news and advisories seldom match the scene we witness once in the country. Events are very localized, and just as you are careful in certain areas in your own country, we are careful in certain areas in Israel. If problems do flare up, our guides are in constant contact with local authorities and make adjustments to the itinerary to keep us from areas of potential trouble. Dann has visited Israel over 50 times without any safety issues.