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When booking a trip, you must agree to the following terms and conditions.

I release the tour leaders from claims of any nature incurred by me before, during, or after my time in the Middle East.  I also release the tour leaders from any claims arising from any act involving any person, agent or entity not part of this tour.  I agree that, in the event of war (declared or undeclared), strike, terrorism, act of God, or emergency not under the control of tour leaders, I will not hold them responsible.

Health Statement:

I understand that the study tour involves sustained hiking over rocky terrain, stair climbing, and regular bus travel.  I acknowledge that I am in good health and capable of walking and hiking on various terrain.  I absolve the leaders from this tour of any medical and health issues that may arise during this tour.

* Because this tour involves climbing up and down steps and walking on rocky terrain at times, it is very important for every individual to be in good health and able to walk several miles a day in normal touring situations.  On average, we will walk a total of 5-7 miles a day in short spurts with bus rides in between.

*If you are on Medicare, you must acquire special trip insurance for trips out of the country.  I usually suggest IMG Globetrotters Senior Single trip Insurance.

After Booking, You Agree to:

  1. Fill out this form with all your information you currently have. You may not have your flight information yet, but give us all the other information that is truthful and reliable.
  2. Save your password information and return to this site to add any missing information.
  3. Submit this registration form as soon as possible and then make your deposit. As soon as we receive your registration and deposit, we will send you a confirmation e-mail holding your spot on the tour and also sending you information on how to book your flight.
  4. You will be on the lookout over the course of the next few months, and will receive several e-mails from us with further details, such as dress, packing information, pre-study suggestions etc.
  5. Once you have your flight details, let us know at:

Payment Terms:

You agree to pay the total land costs of the Israel Tour based on your occupancy selection.  This includes 10 nights at 4-5 star  hotels in Israel, all tips and entrance fees, breakfast and dinners at hotels, a first-class travel bus, a professional tour guide and special activities.   This does not include your airfare (about $1500), lunches, or special purchases.

A $500 deposit is due upon registration to hold your spot.  This deposit is fully refundable until September 15, 2023 after which any cancellations will lose the deposit unless a replacement is found before the final payment of November 15, 2023.

Final payment of the land cost is due in FULL November 15, 2023 . If not paid in full, you may lose your spot and lose your initial deposit.