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Israel Terms & Conditions

Health Statement

I understand that the study tour involves sustained hiking over rocky terrain, stair climbing, and regular bus travel. I acknowledge that I am in good health and capable of walking and hiking on various terrain. I absolve the leaders from this tour of any medical and health issues that may arise during this tour. * Because this tour involves climbing up and down steps and walking on rocky terrain at times, it is very important for every individual to be in good health and able to walk several miles a day in normal touring situations. On average, we will walk a total of 5-7 miles a day in short spurts with bus rides in between. * If you are on Medicare, you must acquire special trip insurance for trips out of the country. I usually suggest IMG Globetrotters Senior Single trip Insurance.


The land portion of the tour costs around $3150 for double occupancy. Single occupancy rates will be an additional $1100. Costs will include: 10 nights’ lodging at key locations, deluxe bus transportation, daily breakfast and dinner, all entrance fees, the services of a professional guide and driver, and all tips for drivers, guide, and hotel staff. Not included: airfare (about $1200 – $1900 economy or $4500 business class), lunches, and personal expenses. Each person will purchase their own airfare… allowing a variety of options. We will give very specific directions on booking your flights.


You agree to pay a $500 deposit (refundable until September 15, 2023) and pay the trip in full by November 15, 2023. You will book and pay for your own flights/transportation to Tel Aviv Israel and back (arrival Feb 20, 2024 and return on Mar 2, 2024).

Safety in Israel 

We are aware that news coverage frequently portrays Israel as a dangerous place to visit. In our experience, such news and advisories seldom match the scene we witness once in the country. Events are very localized, and just as you are careful in certain areas in your own country, we are careful in certain areas in Israel. If problems do flare up, our guides are in constant contact with local authorities and make adjustments to the itinerary to keep us from areas of potential trouble. Dann has visited Israel over 50 times without any safety issues.